Customer Questions

  • I understand your bully stick products are from Free Range, grass-fed, pasture finished Angus cattle from Argentina. Can you tell me if this family owned and operated business uses glyphosate (Round-up) on their pastures for weed control? Have the glyphosate levels of your products ever been tested for contamination? Argentina is reported to use more glyphosate than the United States.
Glyphosate, more commonly recognized as Roundup, is an herbicide used to control weeds and unwanted plants since 1974. Glyphosate is salt based but the addition of other chemicals to increase the potency causes Roundup to be quite complex. This complexity allows Glyphosate to pass through the body unchanged. However, the additional inert ingredients can be absorbed by the body affecting the lower digestive tract and spinal/brain tissue. From an environmental standpoint, Glyphosate binds tightly to soil which accounts for the soil persistence lasting up to 6 months. Once dried, water cannot break the bond with the soil so runoff concerns are negated.
With that said, all Free Range Moo! And Oink! Products are Glyphosate-Free. Free Range Moo! And Oink! are not only the brands but also the firm belief that Free Ranging animals are both healthier and nutritionally superior. Glyphosate is applied to crops and Free Range Moo! Cattle and Oink! Pigs are not feed crops but only naturally growing grasses and foliage most of which is on federal lands which prohibit the use of any chemicals, including but not limited to, Glyphosate. Additionally, all products are covered by the federal Post-Mortem Inspection that ensures all carcasses and tissues are both healthy and uncontaminated. All Free Raised Pet Products are dried at temperatures that exceed the usable temperature range for Glyphosate therefore rendering any chemicals vaporized and destroying any salt molecules. Furthermore, all Free Raised Pet Products are covered by a federal Veterinary Health Certificate that certifies no products contain lower digestive tract or spinal/brain tissue because of the requirements to prevent and eradicate Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), commonly referred to as mad cow disease and hoof-and-mouth disease.
While Glyphosate itself cannot be tested for, the residual chemical compounds can be and all Free Raised Pet Products go through periodic tested as well as mandated federal testing and have never come back positive so we stand behind each and every Free Range Moo! And Oink! product we sell and we trust the products for our dogs and you can feel comforted knowing that you’re giving your dog(s) the very best products produced by nature…

  • I have a 15 year old, 18lb tabby who loves to chew jerky treats. He used to love the Catswell Vitakitty chews, but these products were recalled by the FDA a few years ago as they were made in China and making animals sick; so I don’t trust that brand any more.
    I found your website while looking online for jerky for my cat. It appears that you only sell dog food/treats? I was wondering, do you offer bully sticks/jerky for cats? Or maybe your dog jerky would be appropriate for large, healthy, mature cats?
We only sell dog treats, however we have had customers say their cats enjoy them too, especially the taffy chips. Our bully sticks and taffy/jerky are made in Argentina.

  • Hi, could you please tell me what the shelf life is of your bully sticks? Do you recommend they be refrigerated?
There is no shelf life as they are dehydrated and the moisture content is so low it does not require refrigeration. Be advised that any company that advises bully sticks to be kept in the freezer is doing this because they have the potential for a bug infestation. Because of our production practices, this is not a concern for us.